Where to Buy Kava Kava

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Quick view: As of this writing, the best kava vendor is Happy Hippo Herbals. They consistently sell a high quality kava kava product and have very competitive pricing and great customer service. You can either go there now or read the rest of this article on why Happy Hippo is the best kava kava vendor.

Where to Buy Kava Kava

Kava kava is relatively unknown in the western world and as such it can be difficult to find reputable vendors. Because of this we conducted a thorough search to find the top kava kava vendors and sorted them into appropriated rankings to find the best kava vendor. Before we get to the subject of where to buy kava kava, let’s talk about what kava is, its effects, and how it may be able to benefit you. What is Kava Kava? Kava, also called kava kava, is a plant from the Pacific island region and is consumed regularly in places like Hawaii, Polynesia, and Melanesia, just to name a few. The plant contains certain psychoactive alkaloids and kavalactones, which interact with the central nervous system to produce a wide variety of effects. Kava Kava Effects Consuming kava kava has several effects on the human body. Taken in drink form, the kava roots have sedative, anesthetic, and euphoriant effects. These effects are seen without any compromise in cognition. Specifically, the kavalactones found in kava produce these analgesic, anxiolytic, sedative, and nootropic effects, which is why many kava root products list the kavalactone percentage right on the supplement. A common percentage for kava supplements is 30% kavalactones. In particular — similar to phenibut — kava has been shown in studies to be especially effective at reducing short-term social anxiety. As far as nootropic effects go, a 2004 research study found that kava may improve mood and cognitive performance, which is important to note because other drugs that reduce anxiety tend to decrease cognitive function. The fact that kava reduces anxiety and increases cognition is significant. (To learn about a nootropic supplement that likely enhances cognition, check out our review of OptiMind.) Safety of Kava While kava is generally seen as safe when consumed responsibly, some research has raised concerns that a small percentage of people may suffer from liver toxicity issues from kava, though it is unclear if this is largely due to taking kava in extremely high doses or in combination with other drugs or herbs. Again, there’s no evidence proving that kava causes liver problems in otherwise healthy individuals, but it may be a good idea to consult a doctor before use, just to be safe, especially if you take other medications, supplements, or herbs. Where to Buy Kava Kava Now that we know what kava is, let’s talk about kava vendors. Again, since kava still hasn’t caught on with a majority of people in the United States, relatively few vendors exist, and even fewer reputable kava vendors. Best Kava Kava Vendor In our search we found a few great kava vendors, however, and have ranked them based on product quality, pricing, and customer service. Based on these criteria, the best kava vendor is: Happy Hippo Herbals Happy Hippo Herbals is a long-time vendor of kava kava with a history of selling high-quality kava products. They have a easy-to-use and secure website, making transactions very simple. In addition, their customer service is outstanding. The only downside, perhaps, is that their selection of kava products is relatively slim (currently only 1). However, they make up for this by supplying a top-of-the-line product.
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Important Note: Because we are continually scanning the web for reliable kava kava vendors, our rankings will occasionally change. As a result, our best kava vendor pick is subject to change.

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