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Where to Buy Phenibut

Phenibut is a relatively unknown substance. This makes it difficult to find vendors who sell phenibut, particularly vendors with a great reputation for selling high quality products.

Because of this, we set out to find where to buy phenibut and, specifically, the top phenibut vendor. Before we get into the details of our search, let's give a quick overview of phenibut.

What is Phenibut?

For those who don't already know, phenibut was developed by the Soviet Union in the 1960s, where it was used by cosmonauts as a stress and anxiety reliever without the drowsiness. Phenibut is a central nervous system depressant. In the body it's converted to GABA, the inhibitory neurotransmitter that's responsible for reducing neuronal excitability.

where to buy phenibut

Research has confirmed the anxiolytic effects of Phenibut, and in places where it's used as a pharmaceutical drug, it has been used to treat many conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and alcoholism, among many others.

Is Phenibut a Nootropic?

In many circles Phenibut is seen as a nootropic supplement for its cognitive enhancing properties. It has been "reported to enhance memory and intellectual function."

Phenibut for Anxiety

A major use for phenibut is its anxiolytic effects — i.e. its ability to reduce anxiety, particularly in those prone to anxiety. Demonstrating this, in research studies, is the fact that "in anxious and passive cats, phenibut abolished or suppressed fear" and "in non-aggressive cats without obvious fear, phenibut expanded the scope of positive emotional symptoms."

Phenibut and Social Anxiety

The same research mentioned above indicated that phenibut "had a selective antiphobic action and facilitated escape from stressful situations" and "has been reported to diminish tension, and alleviate anxiety and fear." This effect is why many people who suffer from social anxiety turn to phenibut. Many have found it to be very helpful in reducing or even eliminating their social anxiety.

Where to Buy Phenibut

After looking at what phenibut is and how it can benefit people, let's talk about phenibut vendors. Again, we conducted a thorough search, but because the substance is so uncommon, there aren't really that many vendors of phenibut. Thankfully, however, there are a few reputable vendors, and one in particular stood out to us:

Best Phenibut Vendor

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Note: We are continually searching for reliable phenibut vendors, and will continue to rank them to try and find the best phenibut vendor. Because of this, our top vendor pick is subject to change.